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He sits not because he wants to, but because Steve says so.

What to Expect

You really can train your dog in one day, and Steve Miles will show you how. This training will bond you and your dog closer than you could ever imagine.

There are four dog training "no's":

NO pain
NO punishment
NO negotiating
NO overpowering

Instead, correction and praise are the keys to good dog training. It only takes five or six repetitions for a dog to learn any one thing if you communicate with him properly, which is why Steve can show you how to train your dog in one day.

During your class, your dog will be trained in the five basic commands. After this step is accomplished, Steve can address any specific problems you have. The commands are:

  • Collection--Get your dog's attention. You can't train him if he's not paying attention! Your dog walks at your side with no tension on the leash. If you turn toward him, you do not bump into him because he turns with you. Why? Because he's paying attention to you.
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Doorway behavior--You leave your dog somewhere, indicate he is not to cross the threshold or other barrier, and he stays on the correct side of the "doorway "while you are gone (examples of doorway situations: stay outside a store while you're inside, stay out of the dining room while you're eating dinner, stop on command before crossing streets)
  • Recall--Your dog comes to you when you call him

When you schedule a class, reserve four hours and plan to be there the whole time. Steve will come to your home to work with you. We'll be training your dog but more importantly, we'll be training you to train your dog.

We use the following equipment which you should have before the class (talk to Steve if you want more guidance on product selection):

  • Pinch collar
  • 6 foot leather leash
  • Flexi-lead
  • Tab (small leash)

Steve will work with your dog for the first 30 minutes while he talks with you about dog pack behavior. Next, Steve will give a demonstration with a "finished" dog, one of his own dogs that most closely resembles your own dog's size and temperament.

He will then spend the next two to three hours working with you; first Steve will demonstrate each command with your dog, then you will take the dog and work with those same commands.

Basic Training
What can you expect by the end of the session? Your dog will respond to these five basic commands when you issue them, without correction!

Problem Behaviors
If your dog is aggressive, digging, biting, jumping, barking, urinating, defacating in protest, chewing, pulling, running away or lying down on his leash, Steve can fix the problem and teach you how to keep it from returning.

In the weeks after the class, you will apply the training methods you learned to reinforce your dog's training. It's important that you continue to follow up with training your dog to get the best results.

Of course, you are welcome to call as often as you like, but Steve will make two follow-up telephone calls to check in with you and discuss any questions that might have come up in your training. Although few people feel the need for it, one follow-up visit to address unresolved issues is also part of the regular One Day Dog package. The end

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