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Our Approach

Dogs are pack animals, like their wild relative the wolf. The pack instinct is very strong, even in domestic dogs. Your dog will consider you and your human family--as well as other domestic pets in your household--to be his pack. He sees you as another dog, and doesn't understand your behavior except in dog terms.

We work with this basic fact of a dog's nature, not against it. We will teach you to communicate with your dog in a way he understands: as a dog, not as a person.

In order to maintain order and harmony, packs follow a strict Alpha, Beta, Omega hierarchy. The order is as follows:

  • Alpha--The Top Dog: YOU (there may be more than one human alpha but no dog alphas!)
  • Beta--If there is more than one dog, they may both be beta or one will be omega (they'll work it out between themselves)
  • Omega--The bottom dog, the new kid on the block, the most submissive dog

In your household, either you will be Alpha, or your dog will. It's that simple!

Being Alpha in your family pack doesn't mean you have to be mean to your dog. People put conditions on dogs. But Alpha dogs only have one condition: Submit. You have to put actions with conditions so the dog understands you're talking dog. If a dog doesn't submit, you correct him. Corrections by Alpha dogs on other dogs look worse than they are. But non-Alpha dogs expect and understand these corrections.

If you do not establish that you are Alpha in your household, your dog will not respect you. He may like you, but he won't respect you. He will do what he wants, when he wants to. He may be very nice most of the time, but if he obeys your commands, it will be because he wants to, not because he is submitting to you.

This may cause problems in your relationship with your dog. Many dogs have the urge to prey, to fight, to roam, and to be aggressive around food, their toys, and possibly humans. Without your dominance, a dog will give in to such urges, with possibly disastrous consequences.

Both you and your dog will be happier once you are established as the Alpha of the pack. And that's where Steve Miles' One Day Dog Training comes in! The end

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